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Digital Memories Seniors '13

Hello, Seniors '13!
    Welcome to our webpage, where we've got lots of information available for you.  Everything from the sessions we offer and a timeline for planning to special offers and bonuses to save you money.
    We feel we have a lot to offer for senior portraits.  Every session includes things you'd pay extra for at most other studios. Besides having over a dozen backgrounds and a couple of special scenes inside our studio, we are very close (even walking distance) from many unique outdoor locations.  See our sample photos on these pages for some ideas, plus we've purchased and created new choices for your senior class.  If you decide on the Supreme session, you even get an exclusive background that NO ONE ELSE gets to use!
    We can't wait to show you what we have to offer!  We are especially looking for artists, authors, hunters, and athletes with multiple sports activities.  (We've got some really cool ideas we'd like to try out on your portraits!)
    We hope you find the answers to any questions you have on these pages, but call, text, or e-mail if you have more questions.  (715)677-3485 studio line (715)570-1425 mobile/text or digitalmemories@gogroshek.com.
Thanks for your interest!



"You'll Love the Pictures AND the Prices!"
**Digital Memories**198 N Main St**PO Box 271**Rosholt, WI 54473**(715)677-3485**