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Digital Memories Seniors '13

Customer Comments

About Our Service:
"Thank you for being so patient with me--with all my questions"
"Your customer service is outstanding.  Needless to say we would recommend you to any one."
"You'll feel right at home with Digital Memories."
About Our Photographer:
"It was a really fun experience--Renee was awesome and really did make me smile."
"You were a perfect fit for (my son)."
"Renee is very enthusiastic, as if she was taking photos of her very own family."
About Our Prints:
"I was very satisfied with the pictures--not only were they of excellent quality, they were also affordable."
"The prices were really great for such good quality."
"We were extremely happy with the way they all turned out."
"Quality pictures with great prices."

"You'll Love the Pictures AND the Prices!"
**Digital Memories**198 N Main St**PO Box 271**Rosholt, WI 54473**(715)677-3485**